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...to the Ohio ARES® Tenth District website.  Here you'll find out what's happening in our District, including links to the many volunteer opportunities, contact information, and the latest news affecting amateur radio in Northeast Ohio.  Bookmark this page or add it to your favorites as information will change often.

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Interested in volunteering?  Tenth District is one of the most active districts in the ARRL Ohio Section.  Take a look at the PUBLIC SERVICE page to see if there is something you would be interested in volunteering for.  You may also click on UPCOMING EVENTS to find out what is going on around the district and beyond.

Not registered with ARES®?  No problem!  Click on this LINK and download the ARRL ARES® Registration form.  Complete the form and send it to your Emergency Coordinator (EC).  Not sure who your EC is?  You can find their email address by clicking on your county page at the top of the screen.  You do not have to be a member of the ARRL or any particular local or national organization to participate.  More information about the Amateur Radio Emergency Service can be found HERE.

What if I am not an amateur radio operator?  You do not need your amateur radio license to listen.  However. you will need your amateur radio license before you can talk on ham radio.  Click on THIS PAGE to find out what you need to do to earn your license.  If you are ready to take the amateur radio license exam, find an exam near you by clicking on this LINK.

It is with great sadness that we mourn the passing of Assistant District Emergency Coordinator Ross Stillisano KB8JTZ.  Ross passed away in his home on August 10, 2011.  He will be forever missed.




More information can be found on the Upcoming Events page or by clicking on the blue links.

Congratulations to Assistant DEC Tim Price K8WFL  for being honored as the first recipient of the Ross T. Stillisano KB8JTZ Memorial Award. at the All Ohio ARES Conference on Saturday, November 3rd at the Ohio Fire Academy in Reynoldsburg, Ohio.  The award reads, "For your outstanding volunteer service and exemplary leadership.  Your passion and dedication as Emergency Coordinator in Ashtabula County and as Assistant DEC of Tenth District has driven the Amateur Radio Emergency Service to a level that has prospered and will forever be remembered."

Congratulations to Ashtabula County AEC Bob Woodworth WD8PVB for winning first place in the Go Box Contest at the All Ohio ARES Conference on Saturday, November 3rd at the Ohio Fire Academy in Reynoldsburg, Ohio.
Congratulations to ADEC Tim Price K8WFL for winning second place in the Go Box Contest at the All Ohio ARES Conference on Saturday, November 3rd at the Ohio Fire Academy in Reynoldsburg, Ohio.


Download a QR Code Scanner App and see where this takes you!

Download a QR Code App to see where this takes you.


ARES Tenth District Training Net


2nd & 4th Wednesday @ 7PM

Click on LINK for Info

Primary: 147.015(+) PL 110.9

Alternate: 146.940(-) PL 110.9


Ohio HF Net

Run by W8SGT at the State of Ohio EOC


Every Tuesday @ 1900 (7PM local)

3875 kHz LSB (75M Phone)

7240 kHz LSB (40M Phone) at 7:20PM

All are welcome to participate



Ohio Digital Emergency Net (OHDEN)

Every Tuesday @ 2000 (8PM local)

3585 kHz USB

See http://ohden.org/ for details


Are you a trained volunteer?


Click on LINK for Course List

See Training Page for details

Ohio Section Training Page




Buckeye Public Service

Stay Tuned

Burning River Traffic

147.150(-) PL 110.9

Nightly at 9:30PM Local Time

Tenth District Training

147.015(+)PL 110.9

2nd & 4th Wednesday

7:00PM Local Time

Tri-County Traffic Training

147.015(+) PL 110.9

Sunday, Tuesday, Friday

9:00PM Local Time

Ohio Wide DSTAR Net

Every Sunday at 8:00PM

Reflector 38A (REF038A)


Ohio Single Sideband Net


10:30AM, 4:15PM, 6:45PM

3972.5 kHz LSB




Ohio ARES/OES Digital Net





Saturday, July 13th


All are welcome to attend!


District 10 Training Officer

District Youth Corps Coordinator

Contact Mike KD8JUF for details.







Tenth District Facebook Page


Follow ARES District 10 on Twitter

Tenth District Twitter Page









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