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Amateur Radio Emergency Service


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Amateur Radio is a hobby...

Emergency Communications is a Commitment!

NOTICE.  Communications plans, operations plans, and personnel rosters are for registered ARES® personnel only.  Therefore, these documents will not be published on the website.  If you need them, please contact your Emergency Coordinator.

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ARES® Documents

FSD-98 Registration Form

FSD-156 District or Local Emergency Coordinator Registration Form

FSD-187 Station Appointment Application

FSD-212 DEC/EC Monthly Reporting Form in PDF

FSD-255 Emergency Reference Card

Ohio Section Emergency Response Plan (OSERP)

Ohio Section - Emergency Coordinator Guidelines

Ohio Section - District Emergency Coordinator Guidelines

American Red Cross MOU with ARRL (2010 NEW)

ARES Field Resource Manual



Introduction to Digital Communications Training Course Evaluation (PDF) 01/22/11

Fldigi/NBEMS Powerpoint 01/22/11

Fldigi/NBEMS Beginners Guide

2011 District Staff & Leadership Meeting Agenda

November 21, 2011


2011 Press Releases

NODIG Launches Ohio Wide Area DSTAR Net


2010 District Meeting Agendas

June 19, 2010